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    CB-AQT-Double Gear Pump

    Mainly used in construction machinery

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    Product description

    Application area

    Mainly used in construction machinery

    Performance parameter

    CB-AQT double gear pump is a combination pump of CB-AQ series and CB-T series pump. It is a cross-series product specially developed for hydraulic system of hydraulic bulldozer. Body, long needle bearings, automatic compensation of axial pressure, annular balance groove side plates and many other patented technologies, CB-T series adopts floating bushing structure. It has the advantages of stable performance, light weight and low noise. The product is widely used in hydraulic systems with hydraulic pilots such as bulldozers and loaders as hydraulic power components. The rated pressure of the front pump is 25MPa, the maximum pressure is 8MPa, the rated pressure of the rear pump is 10MPa, the maximum pressure is 12.5MPa, the rated speed is 2000r / min, the maximum speed is 2500r / min, the volumetric efficiency is ≥90%, and the operating temperature is -20 ~ 95 ℃.



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